Saturday, January 01, 2005


Filipe has a foundation in art and drawing as well as a degree in Graphic Design, as well as a post-grad degree in Creative Creation from UFPE in Pernambuco, Brazil. Biondi started freelancing doing logo, illustration and graphic design work in Brazil. From there he did branding, signage and design work for Bompreco, one of the largest grocery store chains in South America which gave him a strong expertise in point of purchase, merchandising and design for major print projects. Filipe then went directly into Morya, a very large advertising agency in Brazil where he worked as an art director with experience in television, direct marketing, some radio as well as graphic design. Filipe has an incredible handle on Photoshop, InDesign, Corel Draw and around Rare Method he’s known as ‘the Illustrator King’ for his rock solid grasp of Adobe Illustrator. Biondi also has a working knowledge of 3D Studio and Adobe Aftereffects.

Filipe is 33 years old with fourteen years of art, design and advertising experience. Originally hired at creative hot shop PUSH in Calgary, Filipe has now been with Rare Method for roughly a year. Since being here his work for Kinjo Sushi was awarded the only Certificate in the Campaign Media Spend Under 10K category at the Marketing Awards. Also, last February Biondi and his writing partner were selected from a Canada-wide search through to freelance on the launch of the Subway brand in the UK at the top creative agency in Scotland, Frame Creates.

Biondi likes the cold in Canada better than the hot in Brazil, and he plays the innocent foreign guy role pretty well - so well in fact I don’t think he knows he’s doing it. He doesn’t speak perfect English but his work, talent and passion do all the talking. Calgary has been a very successful first step in the Canadian market but now Filipe is looking for a top creative shop to really let him show what he can do.

*I’m not one for talking about my accomplishments so I thought I’d ask my mother to write my bio. However, due to language barriers, my copywriter partner seemed a little more fit for the job.